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Correll, who normally hunts turkey with a partner, headed out by himself when his friend scheduled an overseas fishing trip during the turkey opener. He quickly set up his blind, placed some decoys in a promising opening and started calling. Before long a whitetail doe and her fawn walked past. They didn’t seem to mind his blind but the decoys were another matter.

A few years back, a well-made documentary on Midway Island circulated on social media.

Chris Jordan journeyed to Midway Atoll, a remote island in the North Pacific Ocean to document plastic pollution and its effects on wildlife Louis Vuitton Outlet.

Needs for tornado victims also include new pillows and sheets – they have enough blankets – and also small grills, charcoal and matches so people without power can cook. The church has become one of the main collection points for donations, Beck said – not something they expected, but something, she said, is probably a good idea.

“Environmentally it’s really the right thing to do to keep this non biodegradable plastic out of our landfills and out of our waste,” said Kara Boyles, South Bend’s deputy director of public works.

Stewart posted the video on YouTube last Thursday under the title “Air Canada baggage fail 20 ft bag toss in Toronto.” By Monday morning (April 21), it had been viewed more than 1 million times.

“The city council has approved an ordinance that will raise the cost of doing business in Chicago and nothing for the environment,” said Tanya Triche, vice president and general counsel of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association. ”Driving up expenses for retailers and forcing customers to pay more at the store while not helping the environment flies in the face of the city’s goal to make Chicago one of the nation’s greenest cities and support companies that have invested significantly in Chicago’s neighborhoods.”

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“I’m going to make it work,” Yoder said. “Don’t think I’m getting as much in there and I don’t think they’re as strong as plastic but I’ll use them.”

But the issue has never been about having to pay for a piece of plastic. Rather, it is about playing our part as environmentally-conscious citizens who are able to show concern for Mother Nature and all other living things around us.

“This way, people without power can bring their food to have a place to keep it until they get the power back on,” West said. “We’re going to leave it here and running.”

Last fall, Indiana’s Department of Environmental Management threatened to fine the city for having plastic in its organic waste compound on the city’s far west side. But the city estimated it would cost taxpayers $2.5 million to get rid of massive piles of yard waste contaminated with plastic. Instead, it came up with a plan to send that material to a local landfill – where the waste can be put to good use – for a fraction of that cost.

His video, which shows the handlers dropping the bags about 20 feet to a bin on the ground, created a stir across social media platforms and generated headlines in Canada and beyond.

The council’s Committee on Health and Environmental Protection unanimously approved the measure last week. At that time Alderman “Proco” Joe Moreno said plastic bags are “a relic of yesterday’s economy.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said he supports the ban.

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“That is at least half or better of the hunting pleasure,” said the 87-year-old Asotin man while reflecting on the opening day of turkey season.

His hunt on private land in Asotin County went well, perhaps too well in his opinion.

Reality, however, is not as rosy as it is painted out to be. Make a trip to the shopping malls on a weekend and you will see that the usage of plastic bags is still rampant.

While it is true that most people are aware of the environmental hazards of plastic bag usage, this has not stopped us from purchasing plastic bags even on a “No Plastic Bag Day” because, well, we Malaysians are rich enough to fork out 20 sen for a plastic bag.

David West, the owner and manager of Gerald’s Foodland in Fayetteville, checked the inventory of what he’d ordered brought in the otherwise empty truck for volunteers and families: apples, beanie-weenies, Vienna sausage, crackers, Gatorade, paper towels and tissue.

The city announced late last year it will no longer take away plastic bags of yard waste. Instead, everyone who lives in city limits must use paper, their own plastic containers or they can rent a 96 gallon bin from the city for $16 a year.

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When you’ve been hunting as long as Bill Correll, it’s more about being outside and observing nature than pulling the trigger and filling a tag.

Not that harvesting isn’t the end goal – it is. But the hunt is just as much about listening to birds chirp at sunrise and watching non-target species like whitetail deer wander through the woods.

It was Penang which first embarked on this “green” initiative aimed at reducing pollution and ensuring a sustainable environment. This took place in 2009. Selangor followed suit in 2011 and declared its Saturdays to be “No Plastic Bag Day”, much to the delight of environmentalists.

Some would say that the effort has been well received thus far. A Merdeka Center research conducted in 2010 revealed that 83.6% of the Selangor population supports the state government’s campaign.

“And if we need more water, we can call the Red Cross for that. But we need coolers – we have the ice; people need coolers.”

As Beck directed volunteers in a courtyard of the church where tables now line the covered passageway and are laden with donated food, a full-sized semi-trailer backed in next to the church. That refrigerated truck will remain at the church until the power comes on.

Her flower gardens are her labor of love, a hobby.

“I’m kind of a perfectionist though, when I get out here,” she chuckled.

She knows cleaning the leaves and dead plants from last year out of her gardens are all part of it. But starting this week, she’s using paper bags instead of the plastic ones the city’s hauled away for free for the last 20 years.

“The employees involved have been advised that their employment will be terminated pending the outcome of our investigation,” Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah said to the Toronto Starin an e-mail Sunday night.

Passenger Dwayne Stewart captured the video at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport while waiting for his Vancouver-bound flight to push back from the gate.

Fines are between $300 and $500 for each offense.

Aldermen who voted against the ban cited worries about jobs and attracting stores to locate in Chicago. But those who support the ban say the bags litter city streets and parks and are bad for the environment.

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Chicago just got a little greener. The city approved a ban that will stop grocery stores from offering plastic bags for customers.

The proposal was backed by the city’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and passed in a 36-10 vote on Wednesday. Despite the overwhelming support, those who opposed the ban were very vocal after the vote about their disappointment.

On a typical weekend in the shopping malls of Klang Valley, the sight of shoppers with plastic bags is a conspicuous one.

But something is amiss. Didn’t the Selangor government designate Saturdays as “No Plastic Bag Day”?

PARK CITY, Tennessee – Big coolers, big plastic tubs, strong garbage bags – those are the three most-needed items for families recovering from the April 28, 2014, tornadoes in Lincoln County. Leather work gloves, too.

But not water.

“We’re watered out,” said Susan Beck, already directing volunteers at Parks City Baptist Church, 2809 Huntsville Highway (U.S. 231/431) about 6 miles south of Fayetteville, Tenn., at 6:45 a.m. Thursday, May 1, 2014. A mountain of bottled water nearly filled one side of the church’s courtyard.


The City of South Bend says it is saving more than one million taxpayer dollars with a new yard waste pick up program. That program gives people who live in city limits no choice but to get on board.

“They’re gonna make it, but they’re not really doing well right now,” said Joan Yoder while working in her South Bend yard Tuesday afternoon.

Two Air Canada baggage handlers apparently will lose their jobs after a passenger captured video of them dropping fliers’ bags off a 20-foot boarding platform while readying a flight for departure.

The Chicago City Council has approved a partial ban on plastic bags.

The vote Wednesday was 36-10. The ban exempts restaurants and small independent or non-franchise retailers. Stores larger than 10,000-square-feet would have to comply by August 2015. Smaller stores would have until August 2016.